The Diversity Project Radio Show with Host Rhonda Klch

Rhonda Klch is the CEO of Equity First Consultant as well as the founder of the Equity First Foundation that helps those who need assistance with financial literacy. Rhonda also pays tribute to Long Island residents who are very involved with philanthropic efforts who are not always recognized via the Annual Angel Awards ( http://www.angelawardsli.com ). When not hosting her new radio show,The Diversity Project, Rhonda is always helping others. From Rhonda’s Holiday Dreams event ( http://www.holidaydreamsli.com )where hundreds of children receive toys for the holidays to running grab and go food drives during Covid, Rhonda is extremely active as a good neighbor and philanthropist. The Diversity Project is Rhonda’s new radio show on the Long Island News Radio 103.9 radio network. Rhonda invites guests to discuss topics important to Long Island via a plethora of diverse guests with varied demographic and financial backgrounds. Rhonda’s new series premiered recently and each Saturday at 5pm aires live with a re-broadcast on Sunday at 11pm.

The mission of The Diversity Project is to discuss current “hot”topics with industry professionals. Each professional leader will discuss a different viewpoint, lending educational content and opinions when necessary. The goal is to create an awareness around the topic and to showcase multiple angles.

For more information about Rhonda Klch please visit her LinkedIn Page or any of her professional pages: Facebook Rhonda Klch, Facebook Equity First Foundation, Facebook Equity First Realty Consultants, Websites: http://www.equityfirstfoundation.org and http://www.equityfirstconsultants.com

If I can just reach one person , impact one person, create success with one person – I am happy building one person at a time and making them whole – and then doing it all over again!

– Elena Hatakos, Psychotherapist Episode III