Episode III

The Diversity Project Episode 3 Healthcare

The Diversity Project Episode III

Episode III discusses how COVID-19 has impacted our health. This weeks show includes special guest Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, Mark Legaspi, Michael Hoffner and Elena Hatakos.

The Diversity Project is very proud of this episode as we hope to bring awareness to our communities that their is help available. This pandemic has created an extraordinary amount of social, emotional and financial stresses which is crippling our society.

Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, President and CEO of FCA https://fcali.org/ discusses assistance options available for those facing drug, alcohol and suicide prevention. In addition, Dr. Reynolds discusses some staggering current statistics about our society’s mental health and overdose rates.

Michael Hoffner, founder of The Community Growth Center discusses the importance of good nutrition, meditation, spiritual healing as well as sense of community and belonging. http://www.communitygrowthcenter.org/

studio segment https://youtu.be/uMFRKiLaQR4

Mark Legaspi, CEO of CMM Coverage in Ronkonkoma discusses the options available for families that have lost their health insurance. He explains the importance of applying for assistance immediately to avoid an insurance lapse. CMM is a full service insurance agency. https://cmmcoverage.com/

Studio segment https://youtu.be/-te6s3BNQ6E

Elena Hatakos is a teletherapy psychotherapist. Elena specializing in assisting people with immediate social, mental, anxiety needs. In addition to her private practice, she volunteers with numerous not for profits to provide free counseling sessions for those in need. Enclosed is information how to reach Elena:

studio segment https://youtu.be/MvReVj4afN8

Elena Hatzakos, LCSW, SIFI  ( psychotherapist )
Elena Hatzakos, LCSW, SIFITeletherapy an Option(917) 407-5244

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