Episode VI

Investment Opportunities and Retirement Planning Strategies

In this episode, we are proud to have guests Charlie Weinraub AKA The Handsome Homebuyer, Margreit McGinnis, Mitchell Goldberg, and me discussing investment and financial strategies.

Charles Weinraub, AKA The Handsome Homebuyer has deep-dived into the world of real estate investing just a few short years ago., He discusses his drive, dedication and love for the world of making money flipping properties as well as buy/hold strategies.


Margreit McGinnis speaks about annuities and the value of them in relationship to retirement planning. She has been in the industry for over 15 years and shares some basic tips for our listeners.

Mitchell Goldberg from Client First Strategies shares his insight into the stock market and risk factors for the new and advanced investor. In addition, he speaks with host Rhonda Klch about savings, budgets, and protection. Rhonda speaks about the work that she does with her consulting company and what recommendations she makes for her clients.



Thank you to our program sponsor The Equity First Foundation. EFF is a 501c3 that provides financial education for people of all stages, ages and abilities. They can assist with issues regarding credit, money management, budget planning, foreclosure, and first time homebuyer grants.

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