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Episode VI

Investment Opportunities and Retirement Planning Strategies

In this episode, we are proud to have guests Charlie Weinraub AKA The Handsome Homebuyer, Margreit McGinnis, Mitchell Goldberg, and me discussing investment and financial strategies.

Charles Weinraub, AKA The Handsome Homebuyer has deep-dived into the world of real estate investing just a few short years ago., He discusses his drive, dedication and love for the world of making money flipping properties as well as buy/hold strategies.

Margreit McGinnis speaks about annuities and the value of them in relationship to retirement planning. She has been in the industry for over 15 years and shares some basic tips for our listeners.

Mitchell Goldberg from Client First Strategies shares his insight into the stock market and risk factors for the new and advanced investor. In addition, he speaks with host Rhonda Klch about savings, budgets, and protection. Rhonda speaks about the work that she does with her consulting company and what recommendations she makes for her clients.

Thank you to our program sponsor The Equity First Foundation. EFF is a 501c3 that provides financial education for people of all stages, ages and abilities. They can assist with issues regarding credit, money management, budget planning, foreclosure, and first time homebuyer grants.

Episode V

The Diversity Project celebrates Cancer Awareness Month by introducing four local not for profits assisting our Long Island Communities

Charity of the Month

A World of Pink

The Diversity Project is excited to bring you an introduction to four not for profits that focus on the Long Island Communities. Cancer Awareness should be something we celebrate everyday. It is so important that we recognize the people in our communities that spend time each day via their missions to make our families feel safe during uncertain times of diagnosis.

Michael Magro Foundation assists families with medical expenses, food, transportation, hotel costs and more. The organization was started by Paul and Terrie Magro after losing their son Michael to cancer. Learn more about their foundation by visiting their website.

Monday’s at Racine celebrates women that are undergoing treatment. It is a day to pamper cancer patients and make them feel beautiful inside and out while they are in recovery. We had the opportunity to speak with Karla Waldron, the Executive Director who was able to share the story of Mondays’ at Racine.

The ladies of Got Checked are fierce and on fire, watch out Albany, these women are here to make a change. The ladies of Got Checked, First Company Pink marveled our studio discussing updated legislation about breast health screening and the passing of Shannon’s Law into bill. Linda Bonanno and Donna Cioffi are passionate about bringing justice to women’s health rights and they are leading the way for our future generations.

A World of Pink’s founder Christine Gaurino discussed her medical devices for women after losing a breast(s) to cancer. She distributes top of the line, form fitting, custom bras for women to feel confident and beautiful. Her mission is to let all women know that the insurance company will pay for the bra’s as part of their coverage, therefore, no women should ever have to feel that they can not feel their best after reconstruction surgery. Visit to see the amazing selection of bra’s which also include a line for naturally breasted women’s as well!

Thank You to our show sponsor, Christina Lentini of the Christina Lentini State Farm of Rocky Point. Christina supports amazing cause through the State Farm Quotes for Good- if you know an organization that would like a creative way to fundraise, contact Christina and she will explain the benefits of a campaign.

Episode IV

The Diversity Project Episode 4 – Commercial Real Estate

The Diversity Project Episode 4 discusses commercial real estate on Long Island with several special guests which include Michael Murphy, Eric Alexander, James Manicone and Marie Zere.

The Diversity Project is proud to bring you episode 4 – Commercial Real Estate on Long Island. 2020 has been a challenging year for people in the real estate industry. The professionals in the commercial industry especially were hit hard needing to monitor guidelines and regulations for safe showings but to in addition, function in different capacities for their clients, learn to be creative, law and lease changes and more. Hear from our special guests to learn a little more……

Michael Murphy of Douglas Eliman Commercial the leader in commercial real estate across long island, leading a growing team of agents and making deals happen.

Eric Alexander , Director for Vision Long Island speaks about main streets and plans in action to save our business community.

James Manicone of JM2 Architecture educates our listeners on several philanthropic projects that he has participated in as part of a give back to the community.

Marie Zere , CEO or Zere Real Estate Services chats about her 40 year anniversary, about being an empowering women, focus of positive business movements and being able to service her clients with big corporate power within the walls of a highly personalized boutique commercial real estate office.

A special Thank You to our show sponsor, JM2 Architecture

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Episode III

The Diversity Project Episode 3 Healthcare

The Diversity Project Episode III

Episode III discusses how COVID-19 has impacted our health. This weeks show includes special guest Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, Mark Legaspi, Michael Hoffner and Elena Hatakos.

The Diversity Project is very proud of this episode as we hope to bring awareness to our communities that their is help available. This pandemic has created an extraordinary amount of social, emotional and financial stresses which is crippling our society.

Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, President and CEO of FCA discusses assistance options available for those facing drug, alcohol and suicide prevention. In addition, Dr. Reynolds discusses some staggering current statistics about our society’s mental health and overdose rates.

Michael Hoffner, founder of The Community Growth Center discusses the importance of good nutrition, meditation, spiritual healing as well as sense of community and belonging.

studio segment

Mark Legaspi, CEO of CMM Coverage in Ronkonkoma discusses the options available for families that have lost their health insurance. He explains the importance of applying for assistance immediately to avoid an insurance lapse. CMM is a full service insurance agency.

Studio segment

Elena Hatakos is a teletherapy psychotherapist. Elena specializing in assisting people with immediate social, mental, anxiety needs. In addition to her private practice, she volunteers with numerous not for profits to provide free counseling sessions for those in need. Enclosed is information how to reach Elena:

studio segment

Elena Hatzakos, LCSW, SIFI  ( psychotherapist )
Elena Hatzakos, LCSW, SIFITeletherapy an Option(917) 407-5244

Thank you to this weeks show sponsor, Lee Friedman & Associates of Hauppauge- for all your real estate needs please reach them at :

Episode II

Episode 2 of The Diversity Project discussing Residential Real Estate with LI Leaders

Episode 2 of The Diversity Project discussing Residential Real Estate with LI Leaders

Episode II discusses the current LI residential real estate market with special guest: Lee Friedman, Peter Pescatore C.O.O of Jet Direct Mortgage and Hector Castillo franchise owner of EXIT New York Metro.

For a while, realtors across Long Island were scared that they would need to close their doors. The pandemic had left them and homebuyers/sellers in a holding until NY State would give permission to re-open with safety regulations in place. This episode of The Diversity Project talks about some of the important aspects of buying/selling in todays market.

Lee Friedman is a local real estate attorney with an active office in Hauppauge. Lee brings his knowledge to The Diversity Project and discusses what is happening in the active real estate purchase market and foreclosure market.

Peter Pescatore lends an update on the home buying and refinance ,market since interest rates are at an all time low. If consumers have mortgage related questions, please call Peter Pescatore direct and mention The Diversity Project for special rates.

Hector Castillo, owner of the franchise EXIT New York Metro speaks about his experience as a broker/franchise owner and givers some tips to people looking to buy/sell. With 40 offices and growing, if you have real estate questions, please direct them to Hector and one of his dedicated licensed agents will make sure to assist. Mention The Diversity Project for special promotions and discounts.

A show wrap up includes a quick discussion about how your credit and debt can impact your home buying, selling or refinancing ability. In this segment, host Rhonda Klch gives some information from her 24 years of experience as the founder of Equity First LLC, a consulting firm specializing in working with small business and consumers in financial distress as well as the founder of the not for profit, Equity First Foundation, a 501c3 that offers free financial assistance to consumers of all stages, ages and abilities via workshops, private consultation and lunch and learns.

Thank you to our show sponsor, Robert Zabbia of the Zabbia Allstate agency. If you are looking for a free quote, contact Rob Zabbia today and mention The Diversity Project .

Episode 1

Episode 1 of The Diversity Project discussing a Tribute to 9.11.01

Episode I is a discussion with Michael Lecesse, Legislature Tom Cilmi,

John Feal & Robert Novotny

The Diversity Episode I was our kickoff broadcast. The Diversity Project interviewed several influential people that are fighting to ensure that our survivors/families and most of all our history is protected.

Michael Lecesse, founder of the Facebook group Bring Back the Light Show discussed why creating the page was so important.

Legislature Tom Cilmi speaks about what Suffolk County is doing to preserve the light show during COVID and what tributes the county currently has in place.

John Feal, Founder of the Feal Good Foundation brings us back to ground zero and all that he is doing to fight for the families that have endured loss and medical illness and expenses related to 9/11.

Robert Novotny, a marine veteran speaks about his role with Team Red, While and Blue and upcoming events for the 9/11 tribute

The Diversity Project would like to thank the show sponsor, Jet Direct Mortgage, helping our first responders and military everyday with great rates, fast closings and excellent customer support.

Episode 1 of The Diversity Project discussing a Tribute to 9.11.01